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According to Article 93 of the Immigration Regulations, no foreigner or his dependents who acquire temporary residence as an investor may engage in any paid manual or intellectual work.
In the case of Americans, you do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica, you must only have a valid passport and a return ticket. The minimum validity of the US passport must be 1 day at the time of entering Costa Rica
The foreigner who has permanent residence, student visa, work visa of the United States and / or any country of the European Union or Canada does not require a visa to enter Costa Rica as long as their passport has a minimum validity of 6 months. from the moment of entry to Costa Rica and a round trip ticket.
«If your investment property over a value of US $ 200,000.00 you have the right to request a» Visa of temporary residence as an investor. »
To request it, you must follow the next steps. «:
Application letter in which you indicate: Full name, Nationality, Age, Occupation, Address or place where you live, Reasons for the request
Two recent photographs, passport size, 5 cm x 5 cm with white background.
Payment receipt (Visa application form) for US $ 50, canceled in colones at the Banco de Costa Rica. This receipt must indicate your name in the part where depositor says.
Receipt of payment of ¢ 2.50 for each passport sheet plus ¢ 125 that you must present with your application. This receipt must indicate your name in the part where depositor says.
Complete the form that can be obtained in the central and regional Migration, or download on the website.
Proof of registration of fingerprints, issued by the Ministry of Public Security, only for over 12 years.
Proof of your consular registration. The requirements for such registration will be determined by the consulate of your country.
Birth certificate, issued in the country of origin, duly legalized or apostilled in the case of countries that are part of the Apostille Agreement.
of criminal records issued in the country of origin or in the place where you have lived legally in the last 3 years. This must be duly legalized or apostilled. If the criminal record is not from the country of origin, along with this requirement must present a copy of the immigration document that was granted in the country where he lived legally for the last 3 years.
Valid passport and photocopy of ALL the passport sheets that have stamps of any nature. If you do not present your passport, this photocopy must come from a notary public. The passport must have the current entry stamp to Costa Rica.
Note: If the foreigner entered Costa Rica with a tourist visa but wishes to apply for temporary residence as an investor, he must deposit in the Bank of Costa Rica US $ 200 in the currency of the country (colones) for the change of category.
Apart from the basic requirements mentioned above, you must provide the following:
Detailed description of the investments on the real estate you own.
Certification issued by the Land Registry in which it is proven that the real estate is duly registered.
Proof of registration and payment of taxes before the Directorate General of Direct Taxation and the corresponding Municipality, in which the real value of the property is demonstrated.
Currently, immigration in Costa Rica is the largest in Latin America, representing more than 9{16ae376c5c3bed0174e9fa25f4f0aaeeca9b5b9f044f93819bc693d8dbb00526} of its population, being one of the few Latin American nations with more immigrants than emigrants. It also represents the largest immigration phenomenon in Central America, with almost half a million foreigners living in the country.