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As tradition marks for many years, annually in the days close to August 2, millions of pilgrims from all over Costa Rica, Central America and the world travel on foot, on horseback or even the truly devout on their knees to the colonial capital of Carthage They walk to attend the Mass in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, in honor of the Virgin of the Angels, patroness of Costa Rica.
The Virgin of the Angels was declared Patron Saint of Costa Rica and protector of the Americas by the Pope Juan Pablo II, the devotion to the Virgin of the Angels took characteristic characteristics, mixing the Christian-European tradition with elements of the indigenous and black culture.
In 2005, a replica of this image was taken to the Vatican, where Pope Benedict XVI blessed it and placed it in the Basilica of Santa Maria de la Luz, to which many immigrants make a pilgrimage.
The legend of the virgin in Costa Rica dates back 380 years ago, when it supposedly appeared to a young indigenous woman on a stone, where today a temple is erected in her honor. According to the legend «La Negrita», as well as know can conjure miraculous cures, believers attribute hundreds of miracles.
Many faithful Catholics go to Cartago with promises of change in their lives, or with requests for illnesses and conflictive situations. According to a study, almost one million people come, from different parts of the country, to the famous pilgrimage.