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Costa Rica is not like many countries in Latin America, in which unfortunately history has been marked by many conflicts war, military, civil wars … That is why they are promoted as a country of peace, quality Which is reflected in its inhabitants. «Ticos» as they are affectionately called, are people who transmit love for peace, enjoy interacting and learn from those who visit, are very peaceful people, nice people who also like to help people, make jokes and laugh.

This village ensures that the diverse natural resources of their lands are not destroyed and that even can help to make a difference, thus feeling privileged and at the same time committed to support in the care, conservation and development of the magic of its nature.

Costa Rica is a country with an extraordinary source of life, located in Central America, located to the south of Nicaragua and to the North of Panama, accounts for approximately 5{16ae376c5c3bed0174e9fa25f4f0aaeeca9b5b9f044f93819bc693d8dbb00526} of the world’s biodiversity and offers the largest
Biological diversity of the region with its system of national parks without
Close comparison, combining moist-tropical forests, volcanoes,
Beaches and exotic flora and fauna.

The natural riches of Costa Rica are so spectacular that they have earned worldwide recognition and that is why their government has always maintained a positive attitude towards the conservation and sustainability of the environment, making great efforts to guide the tourism offer towards sustainable development, In order to generate economic and social benefits based on the protection and conservation of ecosystems and natural resources.

The concern of Costa Rica to be a sustainable country makes among other things recognized the «Blue Flag Ecological Award», which rewards effort and volunteer work in the pursuit of conservation and development in accordance with the protection Of the natural resources, the implementation of actions to face climate change, the search for better hygienic sanitary conditions and the improvement of the public health of the inhabitants of the country.

There are several places that can be mentioned to show the recognized prestige that Costa Rica has gained in terms of biodiversity conservation, its national parks system and protected areas that cover about 25{16ae376c5c3bed0174e9fa25f4f0aaeeca9b5b9f044f93819bc693d8dbb00526} of the national territory, the largest on the planet in A rich variety of flora and fauna and its many beaches both in the Pacific Ocean and in the Caribbean Sea, both littoral separated by only a few hundred kilometers, and several volcanoes located in National Parks.

We can also find among the most significant places chosen as the seven natural wonders of the country in 2007 by Costa Ricans themselves, through an open competition organized by a national newspaper, these natural sites are among the favorites of both local and foreign tourists , they are:

  • Arenal Volcano.
  • Cerro Chirripó.
  • Rio Celeste
  • Tortuguero Channels
  • Poas Volcano.
  • Reserve Monteverde.
  • Coco Island

However there are many more destinations that represent the wealth and magic of Costa Rican Nature to be covered in this article.

Moreover, if the brief introduction to the subject has been able to interest you and motivate you to seek more about it, for the purpose of my modest words has been fulfilled.