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Monteverde was founded in 1950 by Quakers from the United States. These Quakers and pacifists chose Monteverde because of its cool climate, which facilitated milk production, plus its fertile land and above all, because Costa Rica was considered a peaceful country, without military forces.
It is currently a small, very rural town, located in a cloud forest in the canton of Puntarenas, northwest of Costa Rica, located in the westernmost part of the Tilarán mountain range.
The place is considered one of the most important and interesting ecotourism destinations in Costa Rica. The best known area is the Monteverde Biological Reserve, which attracts thousands of visitors each year.

It is also called «Cloud Forest» cloud forests have unique characteristics that gives them the constant layer of moisture they enjoy. that of Monteverde, thousands of people move every year in search of the quetzal a bird that is rarely seen and hundreds of other species such as the hummingbird, which are part of the spectacular set of living beings that populate this part of the country.

The place is perfect for immersing yourself in tropical jungles, cloud forests and rainforests and has six of the twelve main life zones that exist in Costa Rica. In addition, they have a very high percentage of birds, bats, butterflies and ferns worldwide and it is known as the place with the highest number of orchids in the world.