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¨Subite al Chunche¨ is a very innovative and adventurous project, created by 3 young Ticos, to tour the host countries of the World Cup, with the purpose of supporting their team and showing that football is a passion they do not know borders.
The idea came up for the first World Cup in which the Costa Rica team participated in South Africa 2010, «Subite al Chunche» moved to the World Cup venue, in a brand car (1969 poncho), to support their team, the same way they did it in the 2014 Brazil World Cup in a Toyota, and of course, it will take its «pure life» to Russia in an adventure of 59 days, 9 countries and 8,281 kilometers and the third version of a car (this time Russian) following the tico mundialista dream.
The name of the project, is in honor of the outstanding tico player Mauricio Antonio de la Trinidad Montero Chinchilla, better known as El Chunche, who played an important role in the World Cup (Italy 90), the world cup that awakened the dream of reaching to win a World Cup and since then, the young people of this country generated an undeniable passion for this sport. Saying Chunche in the ethical way is like referring something that you do not remember the name of.
This project has gained worldwide recognition and not only have its creators climbed to the chunche, but they have added Costa Rican personalities such as ex-footballer Juan Cayasso, singer Debi Novas and even important leaders of the country.
What began as a simple adventure of these young enthusiasts has already become a Business Project, which has the sponsorship of several Costa Rican entities, and even a website where they offer products related to their adventures.
The Chunche is ready for this World Cup in Russia and they will start their adventure on May 13 in London, they will have to cross 9 countries, visit 21 cities and travel approximately 12 thousand kilometers.