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For these days in Costa Rica, a woman ¨Carolina Hidalgo¨ is inaugurated as President of the Congress, after 18 years a woman returns to power and she does it in a multiparty directory where man is the exception. Of six posts, five are occupied by women, but this is not the only particularity of the current Legislative Assembly in this country.

The legislative power in Costa Rica falls on the Legislative Assembly, which is the unicameral body in charge of approving laws. It is composed of 57 deputies, who are elected by popular vote, according to the proportion of the population in the Duran provinces in the exercise of their posts for a period of four years starting from May 1 following the election.

Undoubtedly, this aspect is a historic milestone for Costa Ricans, considering that the current legislative period will have more women than ever before, since of the 57 legislators, 26 are women.

Another new feature of this parliament is that it has the lowest average age of the last 12, the youngest congressman is only 27 years old. Another significant aspect in the recent election is counting for the first time in its history, with a legislator declared openly homosexual (Enrique Sánchez), who sees his election as an opportunity to conquer the rights of people like him and advocate for a more inclusive society .

The period of this legislative will extend until 2022 and this new generation in Costa Rican politics, will face new challenges and changes in their practices.