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Costa Rica is a small middle income country committed to universal health coverage for its inhabitants, generating better results with fewer expenses, which is why it has managed to place itself in the third place in terms of life expectancy of the American continent, after Canada. and Bermuda, and far ahead of the United States.

As the global health community collaborates to implement the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, Costa Rica offers a role model.
Across the globe, chronic diseases are on the rise and populations are aging, making universal access to affordable care a priority.
Well-organized primary health systems (which emphasize preventive and proactive care of chronic diseases, with family doctors as the first point of contact) raise the quality and reduce the fragmentation of the service. There are studies that show that the areas with the highest density of primary care doctors have lower mortality and better health indicators than those with a lower density.
In the last 20 years, the Department of Social Security of Costa Rica has developed a system of primary care that reaches practically all Costa Ricans. The primary providers are the first place they go if they have a problem, since they offer preventive services and for chronic and acute diseases.