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Christmas celebrations around the world despite having a common goal, are distinguished in each country by their traditions and customs that make a difference.

Costa Rica in this case is not exempt, so it is an excellent reason to travel as a family, from the end of November begin to adorn the houses, commercial establishments and the streets of the city, you also begin to feel little to little to the cold of the trade winds that come from the North and together with this delicious cold the winter ends and the summer enters.

There are many activities that distinguish Christmas festivities in this country, just to mention a few: On December 15th in San José the Festival of Light is celebrated, where a parade of floats full of light and color is held to welcome you. Christmas to Tica. Also, highlights the popular festivities in Zapote that give Christmas a party atmosphere in that town near the center of San Jose are installed rides, food stalls and music, the main course of the parties of Zapote are the bullfights of bulls, a tic version of the Spanish and Mexican tradition. In a circle of about 50 meters in diameter, about 200 improvised bullfighters run around a bull that on more than one occasion gives them a scare. Also the traditional «Misa del Gallo» which is officiated at midnight on the 25th, after the families have dined and opened their gifts. Whether in a small church or in the Metropolitan Cathedral, this Mass is essential to celebrate Christmas in Costa Rica, since Catholic devotion is a fundamental part of Costa Rican culture.

Among the typical dishes are sponge cake, raw corn, pork leg and turkey, but above all, tamales are probably the most typical dish of Christmas ticas. It is a traditional dish made with a mass of corn and mashed potatoes to which you add pork or chicken and vegetables such as carrots, olives, sweet peppers, raisins or plums. It is wrapped in green banana leaf and boiled in Water.