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Given the perception that many have about Costa Rica is a Caro country, it is important to note that the tourism that attracts Costa Rica is not a mass tourism, it is a tourism of high educational level and income, which comes to this country looking for a quality product and that product has a price.
Not for pleasure we see that there are so many recommendations and studies that say that the tourist leaves very satisfied when he visits the country, that means that he is offered a high value for what he is paying. Then it would be worth asking, is it expensive or is it What are we really giving you a quality product?
However, this does not mean that Local Tourism is neglected, for which there are programs with very attractive and varied rates, from very small hotels, through boutique hotels to large hotels, although it depends on the season.
The United States is the main market, for this sector in Costa Rica, last year three million tourists who visited the country 1.3 million were from the United States. However, the number of European Tourists is not negligible.
Reason why for Europe the plan is followed, and a lot of European airlines have already been achieved, although negotiations are going on with some additional European airlines, while the United States is working on a new campaign, in addition to the cooperative campaigns planned for do with the airlines.