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Going shopping is something that every traveler craves, no matter the sex is always a motivating and de-stressing experience, everyone has their own preferences and expectations when buying, although many coincide in the search for items that identify with the culture and traditions of the region.
San Jose, Capital of Costa Rica, is an excellent place to shop for typical products, there you will find a wide variety of accessories from the region to take a good memory of the wonderful of the Costa Rican crafts, which are not less than your natural environment.

The beauty of its nature constitutes the main attraction of the country. Therefore, you will find numerous samples of this nature such as: decorated parrot feathers, pictures with butterflies and even T-shirts and sarongs. Do not forget to visit the Ecomuseum of the Chorotega Pottery of San Vicente. There you will find temporary exhibitions and, above all, traditional ceramics.

There are also many shopping centers distributed throughout the city, the main ones being San Pedro Mall, Terramall, Multiplaza Shopping Mall, Real Cariari Mall and City Mall, where you will find all kinds of items, such as clothing and accessories, music and electronic devices. , sports and decoration items, as well as movie theaters and entertainment sites.

A product that causes special interest of visitors in Costa Rica is coffee, which is considered the best in the world. Besides having an excellent quality, it is sold at a very affordable price compared to the price of a coffee of the same class in other countries. It is always recommended Café Britt is considered the best, and therefore, it is the most expensive. It is sold in gift and souvenir shops, as well as in the airport, although you will find the best price in supermarkets.
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