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Do you speak english ?

The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, Este has, as in other countries, its own vocabulary and expressions. That is why Costa Ricans differ in speaking this language at a slower rate and a much clearer pronunciation.

However, Costa Rica is one of the Latin American countries where its population knows more of the English language, is currently the main foreign language studied in the country, in addition to being taught compulsorily in almost all schools in the nation. The English is profiled as the most chosen foreign language as a subject, by Costa Rican students, to take the compulsory baccalaureate exam to enter any university in Costa Rica.

Logically the fact that this language has reached this magnitude for the Ticos, has to do with the large number of American and European foreigners who have decided to opt for Costa Rica to enjoy a full life for retirement. Not to mention that we are talking about a country that stands out for its strength and development in the tourism sector, which makes the Ticos stay in the interest of learning the English language for better care and socialization with its visitors.

The proliferation of English language learning throughout the world, as well as the growing number of people who speak it as a second language, are factors that have made it the «universal language» par excellence, which is why Ticos are not the exception and more and more are those who speak English, for them is not only a possibility to expand their culture and preparation, but a need to continue developing international relations in the tourism and investment sector.