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The development of condominiums in Costa Rica emerged as an alternative to solve the housing needs and spaces of commerce, increasingly used in that country. This modality is necessary to take advantage of reduced spaces for construction, as it was simultaneously obtained several stories of benefits such as security, recreation spaces, among others.

In the last five years in Costa Rica the sale and rent of condominium have been increasing progressively becoming the most demanded properties in the real estate market.

The condominiums are complex that are kept closed and with security 24 hours, which gives the owners an absolute security, as well as a much easier way to take care of them, especially for those who plan only part of the year. Moreover the most recent constructions most of the condominiums have been recently constructed, and have a more modern finish and furnished with high-end products.

Some advantages of living in a condominium:

  • According to construction time, it may be more feasible to acquire a condominium if you want to have your own home in the short term.
  • Regarding the maintenance of green areas, cleaning and repairs are directly responsible for the management, although a fixed monthly fee for this service must be paid.
  • They are generally found in urban areas, close to busy workplaces or commercial areas.

Owning a condominium in Costa Rica can also be a constant source of income, there are many people who own and are dedicated to the rent and sale of them. There are high-quality condos throughout Costa Rica with very precious prices very affordable according to the needs, to illustrate what planted we could refer to that Depending on the location, size, and quality, for a 2- 3 Bedrooms can be obtained up to $ 1000 per week and $ 2000 per month. Although there are times when tenants are hard to find, ownership of a property in this paradise can be pleasant and stable.

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